I have taught 160h as a teaching assistant (TA) and 175h as a teaching fellow (TF), mainly in the Computer Science department of the Université Henri Poincaré, in the following areas :

Algorithms and complexity

Introduction to algorithms and programming

Technical Diploma (DUT) of  Networks and Telecoms – 1st year – 52h (2008)

As a TA, I taught the exercise and lab sessions for Daniel Méry at the IUT Nancy-Brabois. This module is an introduction to imperative programming with types, arrays, conditions, iterations.

• Algorithms and complexity

Master of Computer Science – 1st year – 30h (2007, 2008 and 2009)

As a TA, I taught the exercise sessions for Olivier Bournez (2007), Bernard Girau (2008-2009) and René Schott (2007-2009). The first half of the module covers dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, NP-completeness, approximation algorithms, optimization algorithms. The second half covers balanced and probabilistic data structures (AVL trees, red-black trees, skiplists) and genetic algorithms. The students had to implement the data structures in Java and experimentally validate the time complexity of the search operation.


• Java programming

Master of Computer Science – 1st year – 30h (2009 and 2010)

As a TF, I set up a 30h programming project to improve the students’ skills and knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming and especially Java. It covers GUI design, data structures, genericity and gives the students a flavor of test-driven development.

Computer architecture and networks

• Computer networks

Master of Measure and Image Engineering – 1st year – 19h (2009)

As a TF, I taught 9h of lectures and 10h of lab sessions. It gives students who have very little background in Computer Science some notions of how a computer network works, covering the OSI model, Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, DNS. Simulations are done using Wireshark.

• Computer architecture, operating systems and networks

Bachelor of Computer Science – 1st year – 60h (2011)

As a TF, I taught 30h of lectures and exercises plus 30h of lab sessions. This module aims at giving students a first approach of how computers work and exchange information among themselves, from logic gates to networking.

But also…

I was TA in some more lab and exercise sessions in the Bachelor of Computer Science: 10h on databases, SQL and PL/SQL (2009, for Loutfi Soufi), 4h on functional programming in OCaml (2008, for Monique Grandbastien) and 4h on the construction of algorithms (2010, for Bernard Girau).

… and even Office

• Preparation to the first level of the French “IT and Internet Certificate” (C2i)

Bachelor of Economics and Law – 2nd year / Bachelor of Law – 3rd year – 36h (2006)

I was one of the thirty TF who taught the entire preparation to the certificate at the Université Nancy 2 in 2006. The certificate requires a good command of text processing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), presentations (Powerpoint) and simple websites (Nvu).